C.B.C. RESOURCES & CBC DESIGNS – (0725 – 558 044)

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✓Grade 4 New Curriculum Volume 1 to 4..Each @50/=

✓Grade 1 to 3 Volume 1 to 4..Each @ 50/=




✓CBC (April 2019) Training Manual 

✓CBC Portfolio Manual

✓Competency Based Assessment Manual

✓CBC Manual for Learners with Special Needs

✓Basic Education Curriculum Framework

✓Grade 1 Maths Handbook

✓Grade 2 Maths Handbook    Each @ 50/= TEMPLATES (SAMPLES)

✓Grade 1 to 3 School Report Card

✓Grade 1 to 3 Record of Work Covered

✓Individualized Education Programme (IEP) Report 

✓Assessment Rubric

✓Assessment Report All @ 100/= SCHEMES OF WORK





✓GRADE 3 Each Subject per class @ 30/= SHORT NOTES

✓Learning Experiences

✓Key Inquiry Questions

✓Interpretation of the Curriculum Designs

✓ICT Integration in the Learning Process

✓Developing Learning Outcomes

✓Characteristics of Authentic Task Checklist

✓Authentic Assessment

✓Assessment Rubrics

✓Action Research in the implementation of CBC

✓Professional Documents All @ 200/=

✓Basic Education Curriculum Framework Summary

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