Evolution of Internet

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Evolution of Internet

Prime Reason for Modifying Future

In this article we are going to see how the evolution of internet is helping and harming us. The tech world is so powerful. Also the increased use of internet makes it more dangerous to believe any point thing which is not by a trusted user.

From the day when the Computer was invented and used for the first time, till today when every single tech is primarily based on a computer only. The world has come so far in terms of tech and gadgets. It is our immense love and need for techs that made the tech world more popular.

As we are moving towards medical advancements one can expect immortality in future. Everything is in with tech. Humans cannot live a single day without internet. We cannot even expect our lives without it. But as same as a coin it also contains a second face,the harms of technology.


  • Are we secure?

It is not a perfect answer, that we are secure or not. But it moreover like 50 – 50. Humans are acting as blinds. We are wearing a blind fold when we are using internet. Although the sites are secure. But one should refuse providing their very own data like government ids to non-functional websites.

Then these bugged websites are governed by hackers. These hackers now hack us and our lives with the very confidential and private information we have provided to them. 

  • How could one expectprivacy?

Expecting privacy is when we itself creates it. As I mentioned above, we only provide our data to these non-filtered websites. Whether they are showing you privacy policies but still they are hacked.

Moreover almost every one of us doesn’t read privacy policies and other policies. This is a wrong way of using internet. We have to lookout for the privacy policies of a website and check them whether they are worth providing our data or not. Also there are no such things like online lotteries. So, stay aware of them. 

  • How can we trust in terms of data exchange?

In terms of data exchange, we cannot trust anyone.

Information is the biggest source to hack your life. Hackers can hack your bank accounts, smartphones and many other things just from your phone number. The advancements are not only for us, they are also for hackers. 

  • How will the ethics configure with our problems?

There are no proper laws and ethics that flare up to the limits of cyber-crimes. We are still working on the laws. But the irony is we have created the machines. Let’s not discredit internet only. That what will happen if a machine killed anyone. Who will be responsible for it? The machine or the manufacturer. There are no specific laws for machines. Oh that is sarcastic. In some democracies, we don’t have specific laws for humans.   

  • Do internet has to provide censorship?

A great impact of internet can be seen on toddlers and school students. Moreover the education is now based on internet only. Why? Are the teachers not educated enough to teach the students?

Children of age say 5 years are having mobile phones, social media accounts. We are so into virtual societies that we post every engagement of our work to it. It’s not wrong to share your privacy, it’s on you. But there are people who are watching you.

Each and every single virtual activity has been noted down by Google. So it’s better to stay protected then to het hacked. “PREVENTION IS BETTER THEN CURES”. 


We have to stop our children from becoming a virtual addict. No gender is safe. We have to keep our privacy in private. Daily so many people get trapped in this cyber hacking scams. Our security is in our hands. In the greed of virtual money, we provide confidential information, and then get hacked. Our bank accounts are the vulnerable target.

So please don’t pass your private numbers and securities and try to be safe.


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